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Life of Pi Necklace

KAR x Arghya Dyaksa
IDR 400,000.00
Out of stock
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Life of Pi Necklace 0 0
Porcelain, Liquid Gold 11k, Plated Brass

Chain Length 45 cm

Using selected ceramic material, this original item has been handcrafted by KAR.

To keep this piece looking at its best, a gentle clean with soft cotton is ideal for maintaining your jewellery shine.
Let dry your perfume, body lotion, or creams before you put on your jewellery.
Store your jewellery in cool dry place when not being worn.
All our pieces are finished to the greatest quality however the materials will tarnish, scratch, or discolour over time.
Handle with love as ceramics are intricate pieces.

If your pieces breaks or damaged, do get in touch with us.
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