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How to Order


  1. Acces KAR on your browser engine
  2. Click “SHOP NOW”, “COLLECTION” or “CATEGORIES” on the top page to help you find item what you looking for
  3. Once you have found items you want to purchase just click “ADD TO CART” button. If you want to see what you have purchased, can click icon menu and click CART.
  4. If you have VOUCHER CODE, enter the code on DISCOUNT COUPOUN CODE coloumn and click “UPDATE” button beside text field.
  5. Next fill in your details to register, choose the expedition, payment method, you can send message to us too, and the right side of the page there is a total to be paid, don’t forget to check the coloumn “I Agree to the Terms and Condition” then click “CHECKOUT” button .
  6. you will go to the checkout page, and there is an account number, and payment details.
  7. Make a payment
  8. Confirming your payment is not necessary for those who pay with Credit Card. If you pay through Bank Transfer, confirm your payment at the same page, or click “CONFIRM PAYMENT” at the top of the page within 24 hours.
  9. Done, you only need to wait patiently until your package arrives.